Regardless of the industry you are in, one of the best ways to inject the customers’ points of view into a product is to expose those people who are designing and building the product to the customers’ pain. The best way I’ve found to do this is to put them on the support lines for […]

One of the things I’m always pleased to see is the number of recruiters looking to fill leadership roles in software development organisations based on soft skills in getting teams to work together nicely rather than focusing purely on their experience with hands-on development. It seems that one of the most prevailing problems in technology organizations is that the different disciplines often view […]

There are a surprising number of organizations that don’t use roadmaps to guide and manage their development efforts. This is a major risk to future growth and revenues. Two companies I’ve done consulting work for were so far removed from using roadmaps that they had no view towards what they were doing three months down the […]